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200002 : Wolfe CFL Educational Microscope


Carolina's quality Wolfe® CFL Educational Microscope is well designed, versatile, durable - and an exceptional value. Enjoy the features that you need including inclined, rotatable head, in-base fluorescent illuminator, and disc diaphragm. Fluorescent illumination virtually eliminates heat buildup that can affect live microorganisms. Separate coarse and fine adjustments give faster, more accurate focusing at high magnifications.

Teacher's Choice! The right features, the right price, and the advantages of fluorescent illumination.

Grades 9-12. If you're looking for an educational microscope that's well designed, versatile, and durable, Carolina offers you an exceptional value with our quality Wolfe® CFL Educational Microscope.

Cool performance - Fluorescent illumination radiates little or no heat compared to lower-priced models with tungsten illumination-a very important benefit when you're working with live microorganisms. Fluorescent light is also whiter and promotes longer bulb life. The focus mechanism has separate coarse and fine adjustments, incorporating travel stops and a slip clutch to protect slide, objectives, and focus mechanism.

Cool option - This model's stage is predrilled for an optional add-on mechanical stage (item #591641).

Cool value - Get the features you need, including an inclined and rotatable head, in-base illuminator, and disc diaphragm, at an affordable price. Locked-on eyepiece and stage clips protect against loss and tampering. Quality DIN (Deutsche Industrie Normen, an industry standard) optics include a widefield 10x pointer eyepiece and 4x, 10x, and 40x objectives. The 40x retracts to prevent possible slide damage.

Diaphragm  5-Hole Disc

Eyepiece  10x with pointer

Focus  Separate coarse and fine adjustment

Head Type  Monocular

Illumination  Fluorescent

Light Source  5 Watt Fluorescent Lamp

Mechanical Stage  Optional

Objective Lens  DIN 4x, 10x, 40xR

Size  14" H x 5" W x 6 1/2" D

Stage  Standard Stage with clips

Warranty  Wolfe® Limited Lifetime Warranty (excluding bulb, cord, and fuse)

Weight  About 7 lbs.

Price:   255.49

200002 : Wolfe CFL Educational Microscope




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