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1100008: Wireless Weather Forecaster


Color coded local forecasts

    Bright LED screen displays 6 color-coded weather conditions

    Also displays time, temperature trend, current outdoor/indoor temperature, highest/lowest daily temperature, humidity trend, highest/lowest daily humidity and current outdoor humidity levels

    Outdoor unit wirelessly transmits weather data to indoor unit up to 100' away

    Can mount on wall or stand up on flat surface

    Base unit measures approximately 4" w x 4 1/8" h; Transmitter measures approximately 2 3/8" w x 3 ¾" h

    Adapter and stand included

    Outdoor sensor uses 2 AAA batteries, (not included)

What color is your weather?

Our Wireless Weather Forecaster displays the forecast (6 hours out), indoor and outdoor temperatures, relative humidity and the time. Beacon displays six color-coded weather conditions: Yellow (clear), Green (partly cloudy), Purple (cloudy), Blue (rain), Red (thunderstorm), White (snow).

Get weather information on a bright LCD screen with a color-coded beacon—without wires!

PRICE:                    49.99  

1100008: Wireless Weather Forecaster




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