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1100009: Wind Turbine Science Kit


Find out about the power of the wind by building your own wind turbine! Learn about renewable energy, motors and generators, and electrical circuits in a fun, hands-on way. This kit includes instructions to do seven experiments, as well as an explanation of how a wind turbine works. Watch a motor spin or an LED light up with the wind’s power, see how a super capacitor can store energy from the wind like a battery, and design and test your own wind turbine blades using the materials in this kit. This kit is best used indoors, using a fan to simulate wind. You will need a standing or box fan that has multiple power settings. Ages 12 & up.

The materials in this wind turbine kit provide an opportunity for extensive design, testing, and analysis if your students are so inclined. For example, the digital multimeter allows you to measure the voltage and amperage and calculate the power output of each wind turbine blade design. A second motor, a super capacity and three LED lamps provide for extended experimentation with series and parallel electrical circuits and power storage.

Want to use this kit for a science fair project? See our experiment ideas below to get you started.

Kit Contents:

    Wind turbine frame (stands approximately 14” tall), made of wooden base and PVC pipe

    Digital multimeter (to test voltage and amperage)

    2 DC (direct current) electric motors/generators

    2 plastic propellers – push a propeller onto the top of each motor

    4 wire leads with alligator clips

    Super capacitor (to store electrical energy)

    3 light-emitting diodes (red, green, and yellow)

    2 styrofoam trays to make turbine blades

    4 blade patterns

Science Fair Project Ideas:

    How much wind energy can you store using the capacitor included in the kit? Measure the volts and amps using the multimeter.

    Test how much power your turbine can produce while outside on a windy day. Is it enough to light up an LED?

    Try an renewable energy project by connecting a solar cell in series or parallel circuit with the wind turbine. How much power can be produced?

PRICE:                     36.95

1100009: Wind Turbine Science Kit




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