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1300009: Wind Power - Renewable Energy Science Kit


Over 20 Experiments in Alternative Energy

Harness power out of thin air when you build a wind turbine complete with electric generator, adjustable rotors, and wind speed indicator. Once assembled, this turbine is used in over 20 experiments to illustrate how wind is being used to generate electricity today. Experiments include investigations with different numbers of rotor blades, different blade angles and profiles, different wind speeds, different gear ratios, and more. During the experiments, students learn the physics of force and motion as it applies to wind power technology, how to measure and calculate the different forces acting on the rotor blades by breaking them down into vectors, and how the sun makes the wind. Includes an experiment manual with illustrated instructions and scientific background information. Note: Available for US customers only.

PRICE:                    52.95

1300009: Wind Power - Renewable Energy Science Kit




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