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100005: Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator


Ideal Classroom demonstration device for electrical and physics experiments.

The Electrostatic Wimhurst Generator consists of two 9 3/4" dia. circular plastic plates, which are rotated in opposite directions by a drive belt mechanism.

Cemented onto each disc are a number of metal foil sectors, which both generate and carry small charges of electricity to be stored in the capacitor. Each sector accumulates the charges derived by influence with the other sectors.

Diagonal neutralizing brushes on the front and back distribute the correct charges to the sectors they revolve. Two additional pairs of brushes collect the accumulated charges and transmit them to the storage capacitor. The brushes are also connected to spark gap electrodes.

As the plastic discs revole, a high voltage spark will jump between the electrodes as they are gradually brought together. Static electricity is stored in the Leyden Jar condenser until discharged.

Two swinging arm dischargers with insulated handles are built-in and the unit is mounted on a wooden base. Stands 15" tall. Instructions included.

PRICE:          $149.95

100005: Wimshurst Electrostatic Generator




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