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13000010: Whirlybird ™ Wind Turbine Kit


 For Indoor and Outdoor Use

Use the simple components of a common roof ventilator to create your own 3-phase wind turbine. All parts are included to build a commercial-grade wind power device using common household tools, and without the need for soldering or drilling. Use your computer and the included 3-phase Bar Graph Board to plot and analyze wind patterns and corresponding electrical output. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Durable bearings allow the turbine to stand up to even the most severe wind and weather conditions, enabling students to study day-to-day wind patterns all year long.

Please Note: Roof Ventilator not included. We suggest the Lomanco Whirlybird™ model B1B-12 roof ventilator purchased separately at home improvement outlets.

Included Hardware:

12 Wire Coils

16 Bar magnets

1 6-position terminal block

1 8” diameter round metal rotor disk

1 8” diameter round Plexiglas stator disk

1 5/16”, 7/8” long threaded rod extender

1 5/16”, 1” long bolt

10 5/16” flat washers

3 1" flat washers

PRICE:                   115.00

13000010: Whirlybird ™ Wind Turbine Kit




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