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1100004: Weather Study Kit


This educational weather kit can be used to keep track of the daily weather as a complete unit study or for developing a science fair project. Learn about and measure atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity, precipitation, wind speed and wind direction with the weather equipment included in this kit. It comes with a detailed, 12-page weather study guide.

Kit Contents



    psychrometer (to measure humidity)

    mini weather station

    Weather Golden Guide

    weather study guide

    data sheets to record measurements

Science Fair Project Ideas:

    Study daily weather patterns for a week.  What time of day has the highest temperature? What about lowest? Keep testing to see if your results are accurate.

    Do you think there is a time of day that has the strongest winds? Test your idea using the mini weather station.

    What is the relation of barometric pressure to changes in the weather? Can you use it to predict future weather?

    Weather Study Kit Product Manual

PRICE:                 48.95

1100004: Weather Study Kit




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