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600005: Vacuum Distillation Glassware Kit


This Vacuum Distillation Glassware Kit for organic chemistry has standard taper ground joints supports regular or vacuum distillations. The 24/29 standard taper ground joints means the different pieces fit together with only glass in contact with the chemical solutions and distillation process. This means nothing contaminates the distillate produced. This kit includes a 500 ml round bottom flask, a 1000 ml round bottom flask, a 300 mm Graham condenser, a 75° distilling head, a 105° vacuum receiving tube, a thermometer jacket tube, a glass stopper, and five plastic joint clips.

The glass components are all made from high-quality GG17 borosilicate glass that has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. This means the glassware is capable of withstanding thermal shock common to chemistry processes like heating and cooling. Standard taper ground joint glassware is commonly used for organic chemistry processes. Just a thin film of silicone grease or a layer of PTFE tape on the joint creates a leak-proof connection, even under vacuum or modest pressure. The plastic joint clips hold the connections tightly together.

These standard taper ground glass joints are the 24/29 international standard, which means 24 mm diameter at the widest part of the joint with a standard taper that is 29 mm long. These pieces also fit 24/40 ground joints, which are a US standard, having the same 24 mm diameter and standard taper but 40 mm length. You provide support stands and clamps, a burner, thermometer and stopper, and condenser tubing to complete your distillation set-up.

Vacuum Distillation Glassware Kit contents:

    500 ml round bottom flask (110 mm OD, 175 mm high, 24/29 joint)

    1000 ml round bottom flask (140 mm OD, 205 high, 24/29 joint)

    300 mm Graham condenser (37 mm OD, 420 mm long, 350 cm2 cooling area, 24/29 joints, 10 mm OD tubing connections)

    75° distilling head (155 mm high, 97 mm wide, 24/29 joints)

    105° vacuum receiving tube (145 mm high, 110 mm wide, 24/29 joints, 10 mm OD tubing connection)

    Thermometer jacket tube (110 mm high, thermometer and #2 stopper with hole sold separately)

    Glass stopper (24/29 joint)

    Five (5) plastic joint clips (for 24 mm connections)

    Storage box with foam insert cut to hold each piece of glassware

PRICE:                    159.95

600005: Vacuum Distillation Glassware Kit




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