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1000013: The 500-In-One Electronic Science Lab

The Most Complete Electronic Teaching Kit Available

Hard-Shell Carrying Case Doubles as Electronic Board

Perform and learn the fundamentals of electronic circuitry as you complete over 500 experiments covering a wide range of topics, such as analog and digital circuitry and software design. Complete with 8 LEDs, LCD (liquid crystal display), a speaker and an earphone, plus light sensitive elements (phototransistors and CDS).  Includes transitors, transformers, diodes, resistors, capacitors, phototransistors, CdS, and integrated circuits.

By entering programs on the keyboard, you will master programming skills from the most basic level. Experiment with cool games, sound effects, special lighting effects, a radio transmitter and more! This is a hardware entry course designed to provide a great intoduction to the world of advanced electronics.


    64 memory

    one (1) accumulator

    five (5) registers

    four (4) input ports

    eight (8) output ports (data 8-bit)

Requires 6 AA batteries, (not included). With step-by-step 152 page instruction manual.

Price:      229.99

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