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1000005: Rocks & Minerals Project Kit


This science kit makes an excellent introduction to the world of rocks and minerals!

The projects in this set provide hands-on fun for kids of all ages, as they get to identify 30 unique specimens, plus crack open a geode, grow crystals on a rock, make their own sedimentary rock, and much more. The instruction manual includes information on the rock cycle, crystal formations, and geodes. With 10 different projects, this kit is sure to provide hours of exploration. The projects will help kids recognize minerals of all kinds, as well as teach about the three types of rocks: igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. Ages 10 & up.

Kit Contents

    15 rock specimens

    15 mineral specimens

    Double lens magnifier

    Iron filings (for magnetism tests)

    2 bar magnets

    Ceramic streak plate

    Nail (for hardness test)

    2 limestone specimens

    Crack-open geode

    Crystal rock garden

    Educational booklet

This kit is packaged in an environmentally-friendly white cardboard box.

PRICE:                     39.95

1000005: Rocks & Minerals Project Kit




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