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200006: Real-time Classroom Spectroscopy


Throw Away those Frustrating Rainbow Glasses and Sheets of Diffraction Foil !

Finally, there’s an easier and more effective way for you to teach visible light spectra to your physics and chemistry students! You and your students can view live spectra together on your PC’s overhead projector.

    No more struggling with rainbow foil.

    Easily demonstrate gas-tube spectra on your overhead project so everyone sees the     same thing.

    Have your students do wonderful hands-on labs. With the live video display, your     students can make a change and immediately see the results.

    Identify the contents of a mystery gas tube!

    Measure flame emission lines!

With the RSpec-Explorer real-time spectrometer, all of your students see the same thing because it’s on your classroom projector or planetarium dome (as shown below). Notice the purple gas tube glowing on the lab bench? Students can clearly see this gas tube’s spectrum in the live video window on the left. And on the right, the emission peaks are clearly visible. With this system, your job teaching light diffraction is much, much easier because your students easily see the phenomena you’re teaching.

The RSpec-Explorer digital spectrometer is simple to setup and easy to use.  Position it on your lab table one or two meters from your light source. There’s no fine-tuning or adjustment necessary. The internal video camera auto-focuses and adjusts for your current light conditions.

The system works with any Windows computer (XP or more recent). You can set up this camera and be capturing your first spectrum in about 90 seconds!

It’s perfect for “sage on the stage” demonstrations. No more struggling with rainbow foil or cheap plastic spectrometers. The RSpec-Explorer is also an excellent lab instrument for your students to get hands-on experience.  It’s durable, survives most abuse, and is easy-to-use.

PRICE:              395.00

200006: Real-time Classroom Spectroscopy




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