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400006: Physics Introduction Kit


With this hands-on kit, explore foundational principles of physics: gravity, velocity, work, force & motion, pendulums, levers, balance, inclined planes, and pulleys. It comes with a 16-page study guide that uses the scientific method and explains Newton’s three laws of motion, making this kit great for older students – it can be used at high school physics level as well as in junior high.

This Physics Introduction Kit has illustrated instructions for 17 experiments, with ideas for further study using the materials included. It comes with equipment like an all-metal support stand, clamps, ramp, cart, pulleys, spring scale, weights, and more! Ages 13 & up.

Kit Contents

    Ball, steel 3/4", drilled

    Ball, wood 3/4", drilled

    Clamp, right angle


    Hall's Cart

    Knife-edge (lever) clamp

    Meterstick, 50 cm, hardwood

    Paper clips, small, 100/box

    Physics Kit Instructions


    Pulley, single, 48mm

    Pulley, double parallel, 48mm

    Ramp, economy (wood)

    Ring stand, 4x6" base, 18" rod

    Rod, steel, 1/4" x 10"

    Rubber bands, 1.4 oz. bag

    S-hook, metal, 1-1/2"

    Spring scale, 500 g/5 Newton

    String, 25 ft

    Tape measure, flexible, 150cm

    Washers, 7/8 diameter, 20/pack

    Weight, 100 g, with hook

    Weight, 200 g, with hook

PRICE:                 64.95

400006: Physics Introduction Kit




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