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1500005: Orion StarBlast 4.5" (114mm) EQ Reflector Telescope


This is a great 4.5" reflector telescope on an equatorial mount! Orion has combined the highly functional StarBlast 4.5" reflector telescope with two of their premium Expanse wide-field eyepieces (these eyepieces sell separately for $54.95 apiece!) to provide exceptionally wide and clear images of the night sky.

This 4.5" f/4.0 telescope has a light grasp of 15.5 square inches, which is 260% more light than a 60mm reflector telescope. The two Expanse wide-field eyepieces are optically superior to Explorer II (Kellner) eyepieces and have an amazing 66° apparent field-of-view so you can see more of the night sky at once. Plus these eyepieces have 13mm or greater eye relief so eyeglass wearers don't have to remove their glasses.

You also get a quality equatorial mount to easily move from star to star and to track night-sky objects with just one control as the earth rotates. While the equatorial mount is not as kid-friendly as simpler mounts on some similar models, it provides superior functionality. We are amazed that you get all of this for under $240 in a telescope that is still very portable! Includes complete instructions to get you observing the sky quickly. Ships in one box with some assembly required. For help finding the telescope that's right for you, see our Selecting a Telescope guide. Ages 11 & up.

Shipping Note: Economy Shipping and shipping specials are not available for this bulky item. This item only ships to a street address in the 50 US states with Ground Service shipping.

Product Specifications

    113mm (4.5 inch) diameter parabolic mirror

    450mm focal length, f/4.0

    15.5 sq. in. light grasp

    226x maximum theoretical magnification (based on 2x the mirror diameter in mm)

    Superb Expanse fully-coated 15mm and 6mm 1.25" eyepieces provide clear, sharp images at magnification of 30x and 75x with an amazing 66° apparent field-of-view and 13mm eye relief

    EZ Finder II red-dot finderscope provides a 10° field-of-view with upright image

    1.25" rack-and-pinion focuser

    Collimation cap and center-marked primary mirror allow you to keep the mirrors fully collimated for best image quality

    EQ-1 equatorial mount with dual slow-motion controls, 360° azimuth adjustment and sturdy aluminum tripod

    Rugged 450mm (18") aluminum tube with enamel finish

    Includes instructions

    Includes Starry Night Special Edition astronomy software for PC or Mac that provides access to 1 million star and deep space objects plus the SkyTheatre DVD which provides a 102 minute tour through our solar system ($69.90 value)

    Stands 48" tall and weighs 18 lbs.

    One year warranty, Orion Telescopes model StarBlast Astro Telescope

    Order a lens cleaning kit to keep your telescope's optics in pristine condition.

Telescope Magnification:

Don't make the mistake of buying a telescope for the high magnification advertised. Many low-priced telescopes boast magnification of over 500x, which is totally unusable for three reasons.

    First, the theoretical magnification for any telescope is limited by aperture (primary lens or mirror) diameter. The maximum theoretical magnification is 120x for a 60mm telescope and 228x for a 114mm telescope.

    Second, atmospheric conditions limit magnification to 200-250x on the very best of nights even with very large telescopes.

    Third, the low quality optics on most inexpensive telescopes do not produce a clear, sharp image even at lower magnifications.

Most night sky observing is done in the range of 25x-150x. The Orion telescopes we offer have excellent optics at these magnification levels, even up to 250x, ensuring you will enjoy your night sky viewing.

More Information

    StarBlast 4.5" EQ Reflector Telescope Product Manual

PRICE:                  239.95

1500005: Orion StarBlast 4.5" (114mm) EQ Reflector Telescope




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