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1000009: North American Rock Collection, 100 specimens


This comprehensive collection of rocks from North America includes 100 number-coded specimens packaged in two cardboard storage boxes with a compartmented trays. The specimens include 30 igneous rocks, 40 sedimentary rocks and 30 metamorphic rocks. These North American rock specimens are about 1" x 1".

This collection demonstrates the great diversity of rocks in North America, including some unique specimens like volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens and jasper conglomerate. Avid rock hounds will love this set! Ages 10 & up.

small partsWARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

North American Rock Collection Includes:

Igneous Rocks

Granite, Biotite Granite, Graphic Granite, Syenite, Nepheline Syenite, Diorite, Gabbro, Trachyte (Hornblende), Biotite Granite Porphyry, Hornblende Basalt Porphyry, Quartz Monzonite Porphyry, Hornblende Andesite, Biotite Rhyolite, Amygdyoidal Basalt, Olivine Basalt, Obsidian, Christobalite Obsidian, Pitchstone, Pumice (2), Scoria, Tuff, Vitrophyre (Obsidian Porphyry), Basaltic Tuff, Anorthosite, Pyroxenite, Pegmatite (2), Peridotite, Volcanic Ash

Sedimentary Rocks

Mixed Pebble Conglomerate, Quartz Pebble Conglomerate, Jasper Conglomerate, Fossil Limestone, Rock Dolomite, Fossiliferous Chert (2), Breccia, Tar Sandstone, Ferruginous Sandstone, Coquina, Banded Ferruginous Sandstone, Argillaceous Sandstone, Hematic Glauconitic Sandstone, Carbonaceous "Paper" Shale, Glauconitic Limetone, Arkose, Calcareous Shale, Carbonaceous Fossil Shale, Oil Shale (Marlstone), Ferruginous Claystone, Limestone (Micrite), Fossil Limestone (Biosparite), Oolitic Limestone, Ostracodal Limestone, Fossil Limestone (Biomicrite), Fossil Oolitic Limestone, Crinoidal Limestone, Dolomite, Calcareous Tufa, Travertine, Chert, Rock Salt, Rock Gypsum, Siliceous Oolite, Calcareous Oolite, Chert/Flint, Chalk, Bituminous Coal, Asphaltum (Gilsonite)

Metamorphic Rocks

Granite Gneiss, Staurolite Schist, Biotite Gneiss, Hornblende Schist, Sillimanite Biotite Schist, Chlorite Schist, Mica Schist (2), Quartz Mica Schist, Garnet Mica Schist, Graphite Schist, Talc Phyllite, Phyllite (2), Red Slate, Soapstone, Slate, Biotite Marble, Marble, Serpentine Marble, Dolostone, Hornfels, Quartzite (2), Kyanite Quartzite, Epidosite, Talc Schist, Amphibolite, Serpentinite, Anthracite Coal

PRICE:              77.97

1000009: North American Rock Collection, 100 specimens




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