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1400004: New York Central Flyer 4-4-2 Steam Loco #8670


Lights Operating Smoke Unit TrainSounds FasTrack

The New York Central Flyer barrels down the mainline with the added realism of the TrainSounds sound system. A classic steamer leads the way with puffing smoke and other exciting effects such as steam chuffing, whistle and even crew dialog! This new train set comes complete with a colorful string of freight cars, a large FasTrack loop and a powerful CW-80 Transformer.


    4-4-2 steam locomotive and tender, boxcar, single-dome tank car, caboose, three straight FasTrack track sections, eight curved FasTrack track sections, a FasTrack terminal section, CW-80 Transformer, smoke fluid



    Transformer controlled forward neutral and reverse operation

    TrainSounds sound system with steam chuffing, steam whistle, bell, squealing brakes and operator-controlled multi-part crew dialog

    Operating headlight

    Operating coupler on rear of tender

    Powerful maintenance-free motor

    Puffing smoke

    Die-cast metal locomotive body

    Metal tender frame with die-cast metal trucks


    Die-cast metal sprung trucks (caboose has die-cast metal trucks) and operating couplers

    Opening doors on boxcar

    Interior illumination in caboose

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

Dimensions: Minimum Curve: 0-27

Length: 47"

Layout dimensions: 40"x 60"

RailLine: New York Central

Minimum Curve: O-27

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Product Instructional Videos

CW-80 Operation Instructional Video

CW-80 Operation Instructional Video

Lubrication & Maintenance of R-T-R Locomotive

Lubrication & Maintenance of R-T-R Locomotive

Ready-To-Run Set Basics

Ready-To-Run Set Basics

Ready-To-Run Set Troubleshooting Tips

Ready-To-Run Set Troubleshooting Tips

PRICE:                       249.99

1400004: New York Central Flyer 4-4-2 Steam Loco #8670




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