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1000002: Mineral STUDY KIT


This complete kit has number-coded, 1" specimens of 15 important minerals so students can handle, test, and learn. The kit includes an identification key, description of each specimen, activity suggestions, nail to test hardness, streak plate to test color, and magnifier. Display box is 5 x 7". Ages 7 & up.

Mineral Study Kit Details:

The exact specimens in the set might vary slightly based on availability, but a likely specimen list is provided below.


    Feldspar - Microcline



    Milky Quartz


    Mica - Muscovite


    Gypsum - Alabaster



    Mica - Biotite


    Gypsum - Satin Spar

    Gypsum - Selenite

PRICE:                     18.95

1000002: Mineral STUDY KIT




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