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5000011: MicroChem Kit


Microchemistry (micro-scale chemistry) is ideally suited for home labs! It reduces prep time and lab costs while minimizing chemical use and disposal.

This excellent microchemistry lab can be used as a stand-alone lab course or in conjunction with any high school chemistry curriculum. It contains 17 lessons, each with an experiment to demonstrate a chemistry concept: chromatography, melting points, conductivity of solutions, mole ratios, double replacement reactions, oxidation- reduction reactions, decomposition, Charles' Law, Boyle's Law, hydrated salts, pH and pH indicators, titration, molar mass, buffer solutions, concentration and reaction rates, temperature and reaction rates, and galvanic cells.

The kit includes a complete lab manual with solutions in the back, 22 chemicals, safety goggles, and micro-scale lab equipment. You'll need to provide a few household materials and a heat source (like a gas burner or alcohol lamp). A digital multimeter is needed for one optional lab. Safety gloves are also recommended. There are enough chemicals to do each experiment 5 times. The chemicals in this advanced chemistry kit can be harmful if misused. Use with adult supervision. Ages 13 & up.

These labs have been correlated to go with the A Beka, Alpha Omega, Bob Jones, and Apologia chemistry curriculum! (Not all the labs will match up to each of these.)

Kit Contents

    9-volt battery

    3 plastic beakers, 15, 30 & 150 ml

    Glass beaker, 50 ml

    Black felt-tip pen

    Capillary tubes

    Chromatography paper

    Conductivity apparatus

    Cotton swabs

    Electrolysis device

    Fine sandpaper

    Plastic graduated cylinder, 10 ml

    Measuring spoon, 1.0 ml

    Pipet (medicine dropper

    Plastic toothpicks

    2 reaction plates

    Rubber bands

    Ruler, 15 cm

    Safety goggles

    Spring clamp

    Small test tubes


    Washing bottle

    Wire gauze

    Wood splints

    22 chemicals

    MicroChem Manual

This kit contains the following chemicals:

    Acetic acid

    Bromophenol blue indicator

    Calcium nitrate

    Cetyl alcohol

    Copper nitrate


    Hydrochloric acid

    Lead nitrate

    Magnesium sulfate

    Nickel nitrate

    Palmitic acid

    Phenolphthalein indicator paper

    Potassium hydroxide

    Potassium hydrogen phthalate

    Potassium iodide

    Sodium acetate

    Sodium hydroxide

    Sodium oxalate

    Sodium sulfate

    Sodium thiosulfate

    Universal indicator paper

    Zinc nitrate

PRICE:                                137.95

5000011: MicroChem Kit




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