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1000006: Medium Crack-Open Geodes, Box of 10


Have a geode-breaking party or just enjoy discovering what's inside each one of these natural geodes. You'll get a box of 10 medium-sized 1.5" to 1.75" geodes, which are formed when mineral deposits build up inside volcanic or sedimentary rock "bubbles." Break open these geodes to see what quartz crystals or other interesting mineral deposits are inside! You provide a hammer or rock pick and help for kids. Includes cracking instructions. Ages 10 & up.

Note: Although not every geode contains crystals, they are still fun to break open and have interesting mineral deposits inside.

Save over 30% with this bulk pack versus buying geodes individually!

You can order impact safety goggles for eye protection while cracking these geodes.


PRICE:                24.95

1000006: Medium Crack-Open Geodes, Box of 10




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