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3000010: Magnets in Motion Kit


Kids will have a blast learning about magnetism as they experiment with Lenz's Law with this fascinating kit. They can do 10 magnetism projects & experiments as they see how roller coaster brakes work, how falling magnets create electric currents, and more. This kit includes strong neodymium magnets, ring magnets, iron filings, compass, nail, steel plug, rubber bumpers, and tubes made of copper, aluminum, and plastic. Ages 10-14.

Lenz's law shows that a magnet falling through a metal tube creates circular electric currents (eddy currents). These eddy currents then create their own magnetic field that repels the magnet, causing it to fall in slow motion. This is the same theory used for braking systems in subways and roller coasters!

The following questions might help you come up with a good science fair project: Can you use a magnet to find traces of iron in food, dollar bills, and other household materials? Can you create "brakes" to stop a free-falling magnet?

PRICE:             36.50

3000010: Magnets in Motion Kit




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