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300004: Levitron Lamp


A New Shade of Levitation

Integrating art with cutting edge technology. this fascinating lamp sculpture features a revolving lamp shade that actually levitates more than 3 cm above it base. The 6 cool white high intensity LEDs provide accent lighting to further the futuristic ambiance. You can even use the lamp magnet to levitate personal objects up to 13oz. using the included magnet positioning tool. AC powered (input 110v/220v: output 15VDC).

Measures 16.5" high with an 11.5" brushed chrome stand. Shade bottom 7.5" diameter. Stand bottom 5.75" diameter. Shade top 4" diameter.

Shade available in black with white strip only.

 PRICE:             149.95

300004: Levitron Lamp (shade levitates & rotates!)




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