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1100002: Launch Your Own Weather Project


Ideal for meteorologists, science projects, grand openings, fairs, aerial photos, etc.

Three different size professional weather balloons are available: 3 feet in diameter, 8 feet in diameter, and 16 feet in diameter.

All balloons are made of gray/white natural rubber. When filled with helium, the lift power of the balloons are 1/4 lb., 10 oz., and 2.42 lbs., respectively.

Balloons can be painted with water colors or latex paint, using a soft brush. Inflate with a helium tank or vacuum cleaner. The 3' diameter balloon comes in a package of 2.

These high-quality Meteorological Balloons are produced by rotational molding of natural rubber. Their uniform wall thickness prevent premature blowouts, and they are ozone resistant. Reinforced necks allow use in strong winds without tearing.

Each balloon is inflated, inspected, and tested before being dusted and sealed in a moisture-proof polyethylene bag. They may be stored up to 7 years if kept in a cool, dark room. No preflight conditioning is required.

Item Balloon Color Balloon Weight Burst Diameter Inflated Diameter Neck Diameter Uniflated Diameter

3041755  Natural  10 grams  3.3 ft (102 cm)  2.1 ft (64 cm)  0.6 in (14 mm)  7.1 in (18 cm)

3060568  Natural  200 grams  8.9 ft (270 cm)  3.9 ft (118 cm)  1.3 in (32 mm)  18.9 in (48 cm)      24.95

3072151  Natural  600 grams  19.7 ft (600 cm)  5.8 ft (177 cm)  1.3 in (32 mm)  36.6 in (93 cm)

** No tethers are provided. Should you wish to use a tether the vendor recommends not using anything heavier than 2 lb fishing line or kite string.

PRICE:                  24.95

1100002: Launch Your Own Weather Project




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