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2000001 : Konus Youth Microscope


Description:   This a beginners microscope for young people. Adult supervision advised.

Exceptional Value for an Entry Level Microscope Kit

The Konus Youth Microscope functions as a zoom microscope, viewer, wall projector, paper projector and camera attachment. Its durability makes it a great first microscope. The microscope itself has a metal body and it comes with a rugid carrying case to help keep everything organized..

The Konus Youth Microscope Set features zoom magnifications of 100X-200X, 300X-600X, 600X-1200X. It includes dozens of accessories including directions to make slides for your own experiments with the included micro-tome ( a tool used to make thin sections for microscope viewing).

Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).

For ages 8+. Adult supervision recommended.

Price:   54.95

200001 : Konus Youth Microscope




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