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These Deep Sky Objects are those which occur within our own galaxy, the Milky Way.  They include star clusters, both open or galactic clusters and globular star clusters.  They also include emission nebula, reflection nebula, dark nebula and planetary nebula. A good majority of these were cataloged by Charles Messier as early as 1771. Thus some objects are described as M1, M2 and so forth. Another classification is the NGC, or “New General Catalog” , revised as recently as 1988. There is also the IC catalog. The latter two contain thousands of Deep Sky Objects and many which can be seen in binoculars or small backyard telescopes. Some require larger aperture telescopes, especially the IC objects. The same is true for Extragalactic  objects. Some are readily visible in small telescopes and some require more larger scopes. The images shown in this gallery are professional photo’s, with different instruments and time lapse photography.

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