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Product Description

Use this series of hands-on activity kits to teach students the principles and fundamentals of laboratory measurement. Students learn important measurement concepts relating to the metric system, accuracy and precision, and how to convert units of measure. Students also gain valuable practice using common laboratory equipment to measure accurately. Each " How Scientists Measure" Lab Kit consists of five separate activities that allow students to investigate unique measurement methods for the particular topic. Easy to set up activity stations allow each group of students to work independently. After completing one experiment, each group moves on to the next activity station. Each lab kit contains the necessary materials to perform all the activities detailed instructions and comprehensive Teacher Notes.  Standard laboratory equipment, such as meter sticks, balances, and stopwatches, are required but not included.

Enough materials in each lab kit for 30 students working in pairs.

How Scientists Measure Temperature

Students examine the thermal conductivity of dark, light and reflective objects, lower the freezing point of a liquid, measure temperature changes accompanying exo- and endothermic processes and determine relative humidity.

PRICE:     53.75

700006: How Scientists Measure Temperature

700006: How Scientists Measure Temperature




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