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900003: Home Microscope


The Home Microscope is an excellent value! With it, you'll get the same quality and features as other fine high-school-level microscopes, but at a very affordable price. It has the magnification levels needed to see intricate cell details and the optical quality to see them very clearly, giving your students the most benefit from their microscope labs and independent discovery. The Home Microscope is also easy to use so students of all ages can enjoy it. The sturdy, reliable mechanical construction of this microscope is designed to withstand the rigor of heavy classroom use and will last a lifetime.

The Home Microscope has magnification levels of 40, 100, and 400x, which are standard on the best-quality high school microscopes. Its smoothly-rotating head makes it easy to share one microscope between two or more students. The precision fine and coarse focusing brings specimens into focus quickly and sharply. This scope features fluorescent lighting, which provides a bright field of view and is cool enough for use with live specimens. Ages 8 and up.

When you comparison shop for a microscope, the specifications are usually very similar. What the specifications can’t tell you is the overall quality and reliability of the microscope. There are plenty of poorly manufactured low-cost microscopes on the market that look like a bargain—until you start using it. The Home Microscope is different. First, it is built to our unique, high quality standards. Then our experienced quality control specialists inspect and adjust every Home Microscope in our facility here to ensure it is perfect before we ship it to you. Finally, we back up our top quality commitment with a lifetime warranty on this Home Science Tools microscope. These extra steps do add some extra cost but are well worth it as they ensure you get an enjoyable-to-use, trouble-free microscope that will last a lifetime. Don’t just take our word for this—read the product reviews and see what our customers have to say.

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Product Specifications

    Monocular 45° inclined head with 360° rotation for convenient viewing

    10x wide-field inclined eyepiece with large 18mm field of view

    4x (0.10 NA), 10x (0.25 NA), and 40xR (0.65 NA) objectives meet DIN standards and are achromatic, parcentered and parfocaled to prevent color distortion and keep the slide in coarse focus as you switch to higher or lower power

    40x objective is retractable

    Separate fine and coarse focusing with a slip clutch to prevent damage to slides or optics

    Durable and smooth all-metal rack-and-pinion focusing

    Large 110 x 120mm stage with clips and stage stop; pre-drilled for a mechanical stage to make viewing easier

    NA 0.65 condenser with five-hole disc diaphragm to adjust light levels for optimum resolution

    5-watt cool, bright fluorescent illumination

    Specimen field of view is 4.5mm at 40x

    Rugged aluminum frame, stands 15" tall

    Includes operating manual, a dust cover, and a spare light bulb

    A replacement light bulb is available

    Also available with an iris diaphragm and 1000x magnification or as a 1.3 megapixel digital camera microscope

Value. The Home Microscope was developed with students and homeschool families in mind. You get an easy and enjoyable to use, trouble-free microscope that will last a lifetime. It is possible to find cheaper microscopes, but we are confident that you won't find better value for your money.

PRICE:                    189.95

900003: Home Microscope




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