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9000013: Home Binocular LED  Microscope

This binocular microscope enhances viewing comfort, reduces eye strain, and improves depth perception. The binocular head rotates 360° and locks into any viewing position. Its dual diopters provide greater image depth perception and allow you to correct for differences between your eyes. The sliding interpupillary adjustment gives each user a custom fit.

This deluxe microscope comes with a fourth 100x retractable oil immersion objective for 1000x magnification. It includes a 115 x 125 mm stage with an integrated 20 x 60 mm mechanical stage with low-position coaxial x-y controls. Optics include two widefield 10x eyepieces with dual diopters on a 360° rotating head with 4, 10, 40x and 100x (oil) achromatic DIN parfocalled and parcentered objectives that provide magnification of 40, 100, 400 and 1000x. It features precision fine and coarse focusing with a slip clutch, has a stage stop, long-life cool, bright, adjustable LED illumination, and a metal frame. The field of view is 4.5 mm at 40x. It includes operating instructions, a dust cover, blue filter, immersion oil, and a spare light bulb. 15" tall. Home Science Tools model, lifetime warranty

About the Home Binocular LED Microscope

Quality. The quality of the Home Binocular LED Microscope is exceptional. These microscopes are built to our own unique specifications for safety, mechanical reliability, optical quality, and overall usability. Then each microscope is inspected and tuned by our experienced microscope technician at our US facility before the microscope is shipped to you. This process ensures you'll receive a high-quality, reliable instrument that is working perfectly.

Lighting. The Home Binocular LED Microscope has LED lighting, which is a cooler, brighter illumination than the standard tungsten that most scopes at similar prices have. With variable-intensity LED illumination you'll have more flexibility for viewing greater specimen variety.

Lifetime Warranty. Unlike some other educational microscopes you might see online, Home Science Tools guarantees that your Home Microscope will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for the life of the instrument – so if you have any problems, we are happy to repair or replace your microscope immediately.    

Value. The Home Binocular LED Microscope was developed with students and homeschool families in mind. You get an easy and enjoyable to use, trouble-free microscope that will last a lifetime. It is possible to find cheaper microscopes, but we are confident that you won't find better value for your money.

When comparison shopping for a microscope, you'll often find nearly identical specifications across different brands. But what you can't tell from the specifications is the microscope's overall quality and reliability. The market is flooded with poorly manufactured, low-cost microscopes that seem like a bargain-until you use them.

The Home Microscope is different. First, it's built to our exacting standards. Next, our skillful quality control specialists inspect and adjust every Home Microscope right here in our U.S. facility, ensuring it works perfectly before we ship it to you. Finally, we back our commitment with a lifetime warranty on this Home Science Tools microscope. While there are added costs to selling microscopes this way, we think it's worth it to offer you an enjoyable-to-use, trouble-free microscope that will last a lifetime. Don't just take our word for it-see what our customers have to say in the product reviews.

*Manufacturers Specifications

PRICE:     344.95

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9000013: Home Binocular LED Microscope




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