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14000012: Hologram KIT


 Bring the Science of Real 3D Laser Holograms into your Home

Holograms capture our imagination, with images in full 3D that look like you can touch them. From movies like STAR WARS to the credit cards we use every day, holograms combine high technology with a sense of wonder. Now you can make your very own holograms right at home, and learn the basic science and secrets of how they work.

Best of all, with the Litiholo "Instant Hologram" Film Plates, you spend all of your time making holograms, not developing them. The self-developing plates create bright, clear holograms that are ready to view immedately. With one kit, you can make up to 20 different holograms

Please note: The shown R2D2 action figure is for display purposes only and is NOT included in this kit. C'mon- we know you own them!

PRICE:        134.95

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PRICE:        134.95