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10000010: Estwing Rock Pick, Chisel Edge, 12 oz.


This lightweight chisel-tip rock pick is kid-sized. It is well balanced and has a 12-ounce head with a sharp, chisel edge on one end and a hammer face on the other end. The chisel edge is ideal for splitting rocks to expose fossils.

The sturdy construction ensures the head will never separate and will provide lifetime service. The unique shock reduction nylon-vinyl grip provides comfortable cushioning even with hours of use. The light weight of this rock pick makes it ideal for young geologists. Estwing picks are used by professional geologists and paleontologists worldwide. Estwing has a reputation for making the highest quality geological tools and provides a limited lifetime warranty. Made in U.S.A. Ages 11 and up.

Always wear safety goggles when using a tool like this to protect your eyes from rock fragments.

Product Specifications

    12 oz. head weight

    19 oz. total weight

    6" head width

    10.5" overall length

    Forged one-piece, hardened-steel construction

    Polished steel finish

    Rockwell hardness 50-55 HRC

    Nylon-vinyl shock reduction grip is permanently bonded to handle

    Estwing model E3-12PC

    Limited lifetime warranty

Note: A rock pick is designed to break hard rock and fossils out of softer rock matrix and to break apart softer rock. The hardened steel tip will blunt when used on hard rock with a MOHs hardness of about 6 and higher (granite, quartz, sedimentary rock).

PRICE:                      37.30

10000010: Estwing Rock Pick, Chisel Edge, 12 oz.




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