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100009: Electronics Lab 300-in-1 Kit


An ultimate electronics lab for advanced students! With the 300 projects in this kit, you'll make gadgets like a metal detector, electronic game, battery checker, voice level meter, IC organ, delayed timer, transistor radio, rain detector, and function generator.

This electronic project lab has over 150 electronic components, including nine IC chips. The main board includes basic items like controls, an LED digital display, keypad, antenna, speaker, and transformer with spring connectors. Then a multi-voltage breadboard allows you to build projects with individual resistors, capacitors, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, and more. The 164-page manual has all the information you need to build and understand the projects.

A digital multi-meter is recommended to maximize learning. You provide six AA batteries. Ages 12 & up.

PRICE:           153.95

100009: Electronics Lab 300-in-1 Kit




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