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300007: Electro Magnet, 200 Lb. Lift


200lbs of lift!

Electromagnetism was discovered in 1820 by Oersted. His discovery was a result of observing that a magnetic field was surrounding an electrical conductor, while current flowed through it. He also discovered that the direction of flow of the current, affected the direction of the magnetic field and that it was perpendicular to the wire.

You will be amazed by the strength of this compact electromagnet. What is more amazing is that is powered by only 4 "C" batteries.

Cold rolled steel body with black oxide finish contains wire coil. Mounted battery holder. Two 5/16" x 18" eye-bolts (2 3/8" raised). Operates on 4 "C" batteries (not included). 4" Long x 2 7/8" Dia. Weighs 2 lbs.

Lift 200 lbs

Demonstrate electromagnetism

From the base of the eye-bolt to the end of the coil pack is 4" in length, 2 7/8" in diameter

4 "C" batteries required, not included

PRICE:                       69.95

300007: Electro Magnet, 200 Lb. Lift




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