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100008: Electricity Investigation Kit


Learn about parallel and series circuits, motors, electromagnets and solar power with this introductory kit. Using the scientific method, kids can do seven electricity projects, including building circuits, charging a battery with a solar cell, and more. Kit includes materials for the experiments plus a study guide. Ages 10 & up.

Want to use this kit for a science fair project? See our experiment ideas below to get you started.

Electricity Investigation Kit contents:

    Battery holder, for D cell

    Battery, D-size, 2/pack

    Bolt, 1/4" by 3"

    Bulb holder

    Bulb, screw base, 3.8-volt

    Diode, 1 amp (blocking)

    Electricity Kit Instructions

    Motor, electric, DC, 0.5-6 volt

    Propeller, plastic

    Resistors, 5 watt, 1 and 6.8 ohms

    Solar cell, 1 volt, 500 ma

    Switch, knife type, SPST

    Wire, insulated copper, #24

Science Fair Project Ideas:

    Can you use a solar cell to charge a battery? Test out your ideas, and record the results.

    What happens when you add a resistor to a simple circuit? What about a parallel or series circuit?

Manual PDF: Electricity Experiment Kit Product Instructions

PRICE:       39.95

100008: Electricity Investigation Kit




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