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9000012: Dual Power Stereo Microscope, 20/40X


This dual power stereo microscope provides you with either 20x or 40x magnification by simply rotating the 2x/4x objective turret. Use it to look at tiny water protozoa, mineral crystals, insects, and more. Things take on a new aspect under low-power magnification! Microscope features include a fixed stereo head for 3D unreversed viewing, dependable rack and pinion focusing, and top and bottom tungsten lighting to give you the best view of specimens. 13" tall. Home Science Tools model with lifetime warranty. Ages 10 & up.

This stereo microscope can be used for a wide range of applications:

    At home or in the classroom to examine leaves, insects, rocks, etc.

    Industrial purposes such as circuit board inspection & repair

    By collectors to view coins, stamps, and rocks up close

    As a dissection scope to get a closer look at organs, etc.

20x/40x Stereo Microscope Product Specifications

    Paired WF10x widefield inclined eyepieces (15mm exit pupil distance)

    Binocular fixed head features left diopter (±5 diopters) and 55-75mm interpupillary adjustment to compensate for differences between your eyes

    Rotating turret has dual 2x and 4x objectives (for 20x and 40x magnification); change magnification by rotating the objective turret 180° to positive click stops

    Objectives are parcentered, parfocalled, and achromatic to prevent color distortion and stay in focus when you switch magnification levels

    True stereoscopic imaging provides 3-dimensional viewing

    Field of view is 10mm at 20x and 5mm at 40x

    Heavy-duty rack and pinion focusing, with slip clutch and tension adjustment

    Working distance is 55mm and maximum specimen height is 55mm on-stage; post-mount design allows use with larger specimens to approximately 120mm off-stage

    95mm reversible black/white contrast stage plate (black for light objects) and 95mm translucent plate (use with bottom lighting)

    Locked on stage clips

    Top and bottom high-intensity lighting are both standard 10-watt tungsten with rotary switch that allows top lighting, bottom lighting, or both top and bottom lighting simultaneously

    Rugged cast aluminum base and frame, stands 13" tall

    Includes operating instructions, rubber eyeshields, a dust cover, and replacement bulb

    Replacement tungsten bulbs available

Note: Some earlier models of this microscope require replacement halogen bulbs.

PRICE:                       224.95

9000012: Dual Power Stereo Microscope, 20/40X




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