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7000010: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation -

Activity-Stations Kit

Product Description

Students will eagerly “take the heat” as they discover for themselves the basic principles of heat transfer with this series of four hands-on experiments.

• Students first test the thermal conductivity of different materials and compare their results with known quantities.

• Then they investigate how temperature affects the density of a liquid, and watch as convection currents are created when the hot and cold liquids rise and sink, respectively.

• This is followed by observations of the dramatic effects of convection currents in air on a lighted candle, which will really make students use their “thinking caps.”

• Finally, students explore heat transfer by radiation by measuring the temperature increases for two types of sand exposed to a heat source.

This activity-stations lab kit is an excellent introduction to all three types of heat transfer and is a great value! Includes comprehensive background information, Teacher Notes, and student worksheets.

Complete for 12 student groups. Standard laboratory equipment and a light source are required, but not included.

PRICE:                  66.99

7000010: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation -




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