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500008: Chemistry Lab Bus (The Magic School Bus Science Series)


Let Ms. Frizzle Help You Teach Your Kids The Basics in Chemistry

Take a wild ride with Ms. Frizzle and learn all about chemistry with 51 fun experiments all wrapped up in the Magic School Bus.

Kids can make sticky ice, use litmus paper, measure pH, perform chromatography, make bubble sculptures, wake-up fungus, create slime, form a bouncy ball, learn about density, produce a milk rainbow, plate copper, explode a volcano, and much more!

This exhilarating bus-shaped kit comes packed with science components, goggles, colorful experiment cards and a data notebook to record observations.

For ages 5+.

Warning- Choking Hazzard- Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years

PRICE:               39.95

500008: Chemistry Lab Bus (The Magic School Bus Science Series)




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