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5000010: Chemistry Fun Experiment Kit


With this chemistry kit, you're set for hours of fun and learning! The Jr. ChemHead book, which is included as a project guide, is written in an easy-to-read style with cartoon illustrations that make basic chemistry entertaining - and memorable.

Experiment with a Baking-Soda Cannon, Steel Wool Sparklers, a Snowstorm in a Tube, as well as more than 40 other fun projects that will encourage kids to think scientifically. Atoms and molecules, simple reactions, bubbles, crystals, polymers and slime, hydrology, and many more topics are covered.

This set provides the non-household chemicals and lab equipment (real beakers, test tubes, etc.) to do 37 of the projects from the book. Some household and perishable items are needed. Adult supervision required. Ages 10-14.

Kit Contents

    250 ml beaker

    600 ml beaker

    100 ml graduated cylinder

    250 ml flask

    2 test tubes

    Liquid glycerin

    Sodium tetraborate

    Alum (potassium sulfate)

    Polyacrylamide crystals

    Laundry bluing (cupric sulfate)

    Iron filings

    Magnifying glass


    Plastic cups

    And more!

This kit is packaged in an environmentally-friendly brown cardboard box.

More about the projects in the 232 pp. Jr. ChemHead book: Each one includes a "data and observations" section for kids to record their experiment results, as well as good suggestions for science fair projects for further experimentation.

PRICE:            76.50

5000010: Chemistry Fun Experiment Kit




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