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1300007: Celestron Deluxe Weather Station


Quick Overview

    Temperature - displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C

    Humidity - displays indoor and outdoor with built-in hygrometer

    Weather Forecast - indication of current weather along with atmospheric pressure display with built-in barometer

    Clock - digital quartz for accurate time

    Calendar - displays month, day, day of week

    Wind Speed and Direction - information received from supplied Anemometer

    Wind Gust - average gusts and alarm function

    Wind Chill - combination of temperature and wind speed and has alarm function

    Ice Alert - alert when outside temperature falls to 39.2° F (4° C) or below

    Heat Index - combines effects of temperature and humidity

    Dew Point - measures saturation of the air to get condensation

    Rain Measurement and History - obtained from supplied rain gauge

    Alarm Clock - with snooze

    6AA Batteries Required for Receiver (user supplied)

    4AA Batteries Required for Sensors (user supplied)

    Receiver Weight: 15 oz (425g)

    Receiver Size:7.6" x 1.1" x 4.5" (193mm x 28mm x 114mm)

PRICE:                  99.95

1300007: Celestron Deluxe Weather Station




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