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700009: BJU Press Physical Science Homeschool Kit

Product Description

Introduce your 9th graders to the world of physical science! The foundation for later high school and college courses, BJU Press' Physical Science, 4th Edition provides not only basic information on matter, mechanics, energy, sound, light, thermodynamics and chemistry, but also a foundation for applying God's word to the hard sciences. Lessons build upon each other, strengthening and integrating increasingly complex scientific terms and information. Colorful charts, illustrations, and photographs provide a way to visualize and master new ideas, while side boxes feature definitions of unfamiliar vocabulary, relevant scripture verses and lesson objectives. Each section concludes with a review of that section's featured subject, while each chapter finishes with a detailed chapter review of open-answer and multiple choice questions.

This Kit Includes:

Teacher's Edition with CD-ROM; 617 pages, softcover.

Student Text; 586 pages, softcover.

Student Lab Manual; 227 pages, softcover.

Lab Manual Teacher's Guide, 245 pages, spiralbound with reduced student pages.


Test Answer Key

This resource is also known as Bob Jones Physical Science Homeschool Kit, 4th Edition, Grade 9.

PRICE:           189.95

700009: BJU Press Physical Science Homeschool Kit




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