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800008: Bio-Rad DNA Model Kit


Discover DNA with this larger than life model – Attach, Assemble, and Twist!

Congratulations, you have DNA! That’s right, since you are a living organism you have the very small (smaller than even a microscope can see) building block of life that makes us all human, yet with your own unique characteristics.  As common as DNA is, it can be a tough topic to understand, but that is where this colorful and attractive DNA Model comes into play! For ages 8+.

 You’ll immediately become engaged with this friendly, interactive, foam model of DNA that measures 2 feet tall and 6 inches wide.  It’s easy – just attach and assemble the DNA and then twist to transform it into the familiar double helix. Just like a puzzle – and just as in nature - this DNA model fits together only one way: Adenine (A) fits only into Thymine (T) and Guanine (G) fits only into Cytosine (C) on the sugar-phosphate backbones. Build a biologically correct DNA model that can be used in a number of fun and educational ways, from a show piece at your science fair to a mobile that you can hang from the ceiling.  The possibilities are endless!

The DNA Model Kit includes:

    6 Blue Foam Cytosine (C) Bases

    6 Red Foam Adenine (A) Bases

    6 Yellow Foam Thymine (T) Bases

    6 Green Foam Guanine (G) Bases

    2 Grey Foam DNA Backbone Pieces

    Bag of 24 each Blue & Yellow Sticker Bands

    Instruction sheet

PRICE:                 24.95

800008: Bio-Rad DNA Model Kit




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