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Scientific Hobbies is a website for the introduction of the scientific method and the instruments used by beginner scientist up thru advanced amateurs. Science Hobbies is the sister website of StarscapeScientific. This website is more focused upon the basic sciences in the fields of Physical Science, Chemistry, Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Science Mechanics and Space Science. Adult supervision is required for many experiments. Most are readily simple, but some require a fundamental knowledge of science for practical execution and use. All products are intended for education and fun. There are a few specialty products we included which would be more attractive to collectors and of more adult interest. All of the website content can be located on the Left Navigation Bar and also on the Site Map page.  Links are also included on most of the image thumb prints to also ease navigation or better clarification.

Physics and Electricity

      Physical Sciences

This page includes the Product pages for Physics and Electricity, Light and Optics, Magnetic's and Force and Motion. Terms such as electro magnetic spectrum, prisms, refraction, circuits, magnets, pulleys and levers are explained in experiment products.


This page includes the Product pages for Elements, Laboratory Apparatus, Labware and Thermodynamics. Products include experiments in chemical reactions and the Periodic Table of the Elements. Beakers,test tubes, flask and other labware are discussed.

      Biological Sciences

This category includes the Product pages for Physiology and Microscopes. Microscopes allow the study of microscopic organic and inorganic objects. Types of microscopes include, stereo, compound, simple and other more complex microscopes.

        Earth Sciences

This category includes the Product pages for Rocks and Minerals,Weather, Solar Energy and Wind Energy. Products include mineral kits, fossils, geologic rock hammers, rock tumblers, weather stations and many more……

      Science Mechanics

This page includes Mechanics Products. They are the fundamental concepts which we use in everyday life, examples including model planes, trains, robotics and automobiles.

         Space Science

This category includes the Product page for Telescopes. There are three main types; the refractor, reflector and the compound telescope. Binoculars are also an important optic to discover the night sky.

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